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The #1 Virtual Health Service for Endometriosis.

You are unique,
So why isn't your healthcare?

Endometriosis is often dismissed as heavy period pain and other similar symptoms. The journey through to diagnosis and beyond can be confusing.

At Syrona, we combine evidence through clinical trials and apply machine learning to create services 

to better support you and other womxn with Endo and Endo Symptoms.


Tracking and Screening

We provide bespoke tracking and screening tools to assist you with your female health concerns.

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Online Counselling

We offer talking therapies for integrative women’s health view. Feeling better starts with a single conversation.

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Access to the Community

Get access to our community. Where we hold open discussions about topics that matter in Gynaecological & Reproductive Health.

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The App For All Things Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting 1 in 10 women worldwide, often dismissed and misdiagnosed as period pain.    

We created ELSA to change this narrative.


Track your symptoms and we’ll help you identify any new changes overtime.


Gain insights from your inputs to help you better understand your body and your triggers.


We provide methods to help you combat physical symptoms alongside online-CBT to help you across your journey.


Ask your burning questions and gain access to our blogs which break down the latest in science to keep up to date with the latest in Womxn’s Healthcare.

The Wait For Endometriosis Support And Treatment Stops Now.

We've got your emotional wellbeing covered.

With Syrona, every woman gets the emotional support that they want or need.

Going through a tough time? We’ve got your back!

Taking the step to speak to a therapist isn’t always easy, so we make it convenient and hassle-free. Speak to a licensed therapist from anywhere at any time!

Feeling better can start with a single conversation.

We're on a mission to democratise womxn's health
and reduce the pain burden for womxn worldwide.

Join us as we improve research into chronic conditions such as Endometriosis and accelerate scientific advancements and revolutionize womxn’s health for all womxn. 

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