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by supporting underserved health journeys.

Each stage of life brings its own health challenges. We provide inclusive virtual health support for life's big or small journeys to empower your business and people.

Serving diverse healthcare needs for every life stage

1 in 6
couples experience fertility challenges


Workplace impact

60% of employees have left or considered leaving a job due to inadequate family benefits. One third (36%) had to take increased sickness absence and two thirds (63%) of respondents reported reduced engagement at work.

The expert support you deserve


Healthcare isn't one-size-fits-all. Our solutions aren't either.

The combination of personalisation, technology and instant access to our clinical experts leads to transformative healthcare outcomes.

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Hear from our clients.


"Advo always seeks innovative employee benefits and is thrilled to partner with Syrona Health. We recognise the significance of women's health and aim to promote open/actionable discussions."


"Syrona's proposition stands out as it supports significant health transitions covering tracking, diagnosis, further treatment and ongoing support. These services can make a real difference to the lives of the millions of employees we serve."


"Syrona Health's platform will deliver an optional and affordable support system for challenging health situations that some of our employees go through at different life-stages. This helps us create a culture of inclusivity."


"Syrona has completely surpassed our expectations. Sora makes it so easy for me to monitor my patients and follow up with them when necessary.”


"Through their unique approach to life-stage health, we are helping to tackle the idea that wellbeing is simply a buzz-word, by enabling employers to provide valuable and meaningful wellbeing tools to their employees."

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