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Combining virtual health support and at-home clinical tests for improved health outcomes

Chronic Gynaecological conditions are more common than you might think!

Going through a health transition? This one’s for you.

Your uterus doesn’t care about your gender, your identity, or your GP (which won’t stop it from ruining your day)

Over one-third of British households include somebody living with chronic pain conditions. The majority of those suffering are women or have female reproductive organs.

So we’re on a mission to help women, trans, and non-binary folk reclaim our bodies through science, compassion, and technology.

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Personalise your Gynaecological care with insights, advice, and tracking.

We believe that it should be easier to access support and care for dealing with female reproductive issues – from endometriosis to fertility and menopause support.
So we launched SORA, to make a positive difference.

  • Track your health symptoms
  • Understand your body better and manage your symptoms
  • Access the community
  • Get doctor-approved insights
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Meet our Experts

No matter what you’re going through, we’ve made it quick and easy to access compassionate care through our booking system.

  • Vetted and approved expert help
  • Mental health consultations
  • Help with pelvic pain, endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, PID, polyps, Fertility, Menopause and fibroids.
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Get Tested

If you want to be proactive with your health,
then our testing kits can help you understand
where your body’s at.

  • Fertility Profile
  • Egg Reserve
  • PCOS
  • Cervical cancer screening kit
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We’re done suffering in silence. How about you?


Our community knows and understands what you’re going through – because we’ve been there too.

Sometimes you don’t want anything except to feel like you’re being heard. That’s where our community comes in.

Find support from our community, along with insights and advice from our experts.

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