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Whether it’s abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, nausea, or fatigue, the symptoms of endometriosis and other uterine issues can make you feel totally alone.
Even if you do have a supportive network, you may find it difficult to talk to people who care but can’t empathise.

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It can help to talk to someone who knows what you’re going through

Our team of online therapists is trained experts in talking to women and people with uteruses about how to manage endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, and a wide range of other concerns including:

  • Mental health issues, including feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • Relationship issues of all kinds, including sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Stress and anxiety around being pregnant, giving birth, or becoming a new parent

We care that you’re happy with the progress you’re making


What To Expect

Our online therapy sessions are designed to put you back in the heart of your treatment. Each session is confidential and secure, and are there when you need them – without having to face extreme waitlists.

Your therapist is there to talk through your experiences of endometriosis and any other concerns, and will then guide you through your personalised wellness plan.

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Your Therapy Sessions

During each session, your therapist will give you time to talk through your personal challenges, and help you devise strategies to deal with them.

Help That Puts You First

The aim of your therapy sessions is simple: we want to help you manage your symptoms and regain control of your life.

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Your first session is a chance to discuss openly with your therapist your hopes and expectations for therapy. You can explain your situation, and decide whether or not ongoing therapy is right for you.

Meet our Licensed Therapists

All of our mental health experts are BABCP qualified and specialise in providing care for women, and those with uteruses.

They are committed to respecting your whole self, and helping you to live a life without limitations.


I help clients with a range of different issues including physical illness and long-term health challenges, as well as anxiety, stress, work-related stress, low mood, depression, abuse, trauma, life transitions, relationship difficulties, suicidal ideation, phobias and bereavement.
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