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We have four key areas of expertise


We’re in this together. Using our secure infrastructure and advanced machine learning, we’ve created an easy to use method of collecting personal data and providing actionable insights.


Ensuring nobody suffers alone. Not only does our app help by providing actionable insights, but we want to ensure doctors make better decisions to improve the standards of patient care. health outcomes.

Online Therapy

A holistic approach to health. We know that physical and mental wellbeing are intertwined. As well as treating underlying health conditions, we understand that mental health must also be considered and so provide online talking therapies from licensed practitioners.


A place that’s safe to talk. Those experiencing painful uterine symptoms can feel awkward or uncomfortable discussing how they feel. We’ve created an online space where women and people with uteruses can share their challenges in a supportive environment.

Closing the Gender Health Gap

The gender health gap is a lived reality for many women, trans and non-binary people. Health research has chosen to overlook the complex needs of the female reproductive system.

We believe the healthcare pathway is in need of an overhaul.

Our goal is to establish the world’s largest digital and clinical biomarker library for Gynaecological health. This will help us advance women’s health research, improve care for non-binary and transgender people, and work to close the gender health gap.

About the Data

All of our data belongs to the people who share it with us, and helps us research, enable better health insights, and ensure those experiencing Chronic Gynae conditions have a voice.

Our promise is to protect it and we use it only with their consent. We are GDPR, HIPAA compliant and ICO registered.

Did you know you can delete your health data at any point on the app with just one click?


Partner with Syrona

Do you have research ideas and would like Syrona to collaborate with you?

We are deeply committed to translating science for the benefit of advancing the health of women, trans and non-binary people.

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