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Today for “Faces of Endometriosis” we would like to introduce the lovely Nicole from @lifewithendo.nic and let her tell her story…

I got my first period when I was 11 and it was immediately heavy and painful. I went to my GP when I was 14 and was told it was just bad period pain. Fast forward to when I was 16 and I was put on birth control to help regulate my period. That worked for a year until I had breakthrough bleeding.. I tried a variety of different birth control pills and nothing seemed to work as I was bleeding for 10 HEAVY days during my period time instead of the average 4-7 days. 

I had multiple ultrasounds (pelvic and internal), xrays, blood tests and other tests that came back negative leaving me depressed, anxious and feeling useless. I saw a gyno and had my first laparoscopy in April 2017 where I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis as endometrial tissue was found on my ovaries and bladder. When I found out about my diagnosis, I cried in shock yet relief because I finally had an answer to years of pain. I had my second laparoscopy in October 2018 and it was on my bladder again. 

I then went on the depo injection as I had started bleeding and having bad cramps again but bled the entire time, had cramping, migraines and extreme fatigue. The longest I have bled is 43 days straight. I randomly bleed outside of my period time making it extremely frustrating and exhausting on my body, both physically and mentally. 

I currently suffer from severe pelvic pain, back pain, migraines, fatigue, irregular bleeding, painful intercourse, nausea, sciatic pain and bloating daily. I have just recently had my 3rd laparoscopy, 1st hysteroscopy & mirena insertion on the 4th of September 2020.. and no endometrial tissue had grown back! I’m still healing from my op and my body is still accepting the mirena but I’m spreading positive vibes that it will work. I want you all to know you are not alone, you are strong and my DM’s are always open 💛