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We offer a range of digital-first solutions to your employees:

Fertility and pregnancy support.
Menopause management.
New Parent Support.
Endometriosis and chronic health conditions.
Therapy and Mental Health support.
Health screenings like PCOS, Cervical Cancer, Fertility.

All of the things that your private medical insurance doesn’t cover.

A Modern Solution for the Modern Workforce.

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Average Engagement

Check How This Affects Your Workforce

Why not see the impact on your workforce using this quick and easy calculator?

5000 employees
Require Mental health support
Require Gynae support
£ 10,365,800
Total Cost To The Organisation

How You Can Make The Difference

From navigating the challenges of fertility and pregnancy to other ‘women’s problems’ such as menopause or menstruation, talking about female reproductive issues is still seen as taboo.

This can leave employees feeling marginalised and unheard, and is further exacerbated if the person is trans or non-binary.

Not only does flexible workplace benefits actively help your employees during difficult times, but is a fantastic way to drive workplace engagement, and increase the desirability of your workplace.

Why not get practical about Diversity and Inclusion by providing support to your employees in the moments that matter?

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